Princess Madison helps Peppa pig.

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Princess Madison helps Peppa pig.

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Once upon a time princess Madison woke up in her lovely rainbow room. She got out of her bed and got dressed then she put on a pink sparkly dress and pink high heels and skipped into the kitchen. "Morning Madison" Mammy said. "Good morning mammy"Madison said. Mammy made Madison sausages and rashers. Madison gobbled up her breakfast and went to play outside. Peppa pig came up to princess Madison. "Oh help me princess Madison" She said. "What's wrong Peppa?" Madison asked her. "Our bouncy ball is stuck in our tree and nobody can reach it!" Peppa said sadly. "Well, I could try to reach it for you Peppa" Princess Madison said. "Thank you" Said Peppa. So princess Madison and Peppa went to Peppa's house to see if they could get her bouncy ball down. They went out to her back garden. When they got there daddy and mummy pig were trying to get the bouncy ball out of the tree. "It's no use mummy pig" Said Daddy pig "I cant get it down!" He said. "Neither can I" Said mummy pig. Princess Madison jumped as high as she could but couldnt reach the bouncy ball. "What are we going to do now?" Said Peppa. "Wait!, I have an idea!" said princess Madison. "I could use my super duper bouncy shoes!" she said. Princess Madison quickly ran home to her castle and grabbed her shoes then went back to Peppa's house. She ran to her back garden and jumped as high as she could and then she finally got the bouncy ball. "Hooray!" said everybody jumping up and down. "Thank you princess Madison" They said. "Since you got it down from the tree, you can keep the bouncy ball" Peppa said giving it to princess Madison. "Thank you Peppa" said princess Madison. Then Peppa, princess Madison, Mummy pig and Daddy pig played with the bouncy ball and lived happily ever after.

This story was for my dear friend Madison, the best little princess ever.
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