How to get/ what to do on a sleepover

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How to get/ what to do on a sleepover

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:22 pm

Hi guys it's admin and today i'm here to tell you what to do/ how to get a sleepover. Firstly to get a sleepover you must make sure your parents don't think your friend is a bad influence so tell them how much she/ he has done for you so they know that their a keeper. Swap numbers and chat after school. Arrange a time between you and make sure your very organized about the starting and finishing times and who's bringing you and picking you up or packing your back. Once your parents's see how organized you are then they will sure to let you go! Good Luck!

Ok so great your at your friends house waiting for a sleepover but all it is, is you and her tagging eachother on facebook and watching telly? That's not right! When you get there talk to her/him about the sleeping arrangements to get that out of the way. Why don't you watch a movie (Not a scary one) how about one like tron legacy or batman the dark knight rises. Make sure you have loads of goodies to feast on all night. Do a video of you and her/him doing the butter/ cinnamon challenge and put it on youtube. Here's the best part of a sleepover, an all nighter! Which is a competition to see who can stay up all night and for the loser make them do something completely wacky! But make sure you get a little bit of sleep! Have fun!

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