What I've learned about besties.

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What I've learned about besties.

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:10 pm

Hi guys it's Admin and today i'm just going to tell you what i've learned about besties (best friends). Your bestie will always be loyal to you so be loyal to her/him. If you aren't loyal to eachother theres no point being besties. My bestie and I nag to eachother about how hard our lives are (although they aren't hard in the slightest) and thats ok as long as theres no competitive behaviour. Make sure that you have lots of sleepovers too (check out my other post on how to get and what to do on a sleepover). Feel free to play with other people too just not without your bestie, if she/ he doesn't wan't to play with someone comprimise. Well you can ask me more if you like
Kiss Kiss, Admin. Smile


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