Movie review: Pitch perfect!

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Movie review: Pitch perfect!

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:15 am

Hey everyone! I'm going to be doing a review of the new movie pitch perfect.
Title: Pitch perfect
Plot: Becca starts Barden university not interested in it at all. Becca is interested in being a DJ. when going to find an activity she walks past a stand for an accepella group one girl comes up to Becca and asks her to join but Becca turns her down. Later on while in the shower Becca started singing when a girl from the accepella group burts in and persuades Becca to audition for the group. When Becca auditions she gets through and her and her hilarious friends continue their journey to the Accepella groups finals trying to beat other groups but most of all the boys accepella group the treble makers also from Barden university.
rated?: 5 I love you 's out of 5 I love you 's.
Ages ect?: 10+ pg suggested.
You can trust my review as it is not just my opinion as others have
thought the same of this movie.
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