Diamond in the rough- the Sphere

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Diamond in the rough- the Sphere

Post  Admin on Sat May 11, 2013 9:36 pm

So i've never really posted a story, so here's the first chapter of my new book. Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Sapphire Everday and I'm falling to my death blood is flowing from my head my hair is flying in the wind and I have no control over where I’m falling ; It's a beautiful day but i'm only young and yet so, God decided that my time is up. Why? I don't know but that's his decision not mine. Let me tell you a bit about myself; When I was born I was a tiny baby and didn't cry, the doctors thought there was something wrong with me but don't grimace there now, there was but in a good way. I gulped all my bottles and stared my terrible two's and three's at one and a half. I was called an over achiever for that.

I live in a small town in Texas with not many people here. I live with my mom and my little brother Ken. My mom is over protective and always fusses over the littelist of things. My brother Ken is nine going on forty-nine. He thinks he can talk to animals but our dog told me he doesn't think so, I don't even know where he got that 'I can talk to animals' thing from. Jeez, i'm joking. I have red straight hair and a fringe but my eyes can't decide what colour to be. In two years I see myself doing what I do best, teaching . I'm not really the athletic type. I'm a valedictorian too. Oh sorry, i'm babbling; lets go back a few weeks .

It was a suuny morning and I was more awake than I ever was before. It was a Sunday and the birds were happily chirping in their trees. I then noticed the sweet smell of pancakes in the air. I slid down the stairs to my mom in the kitchen. She was using up the leftover pancake mix from my eighteenth birthday three days ago . "Morning Saph", my Mom said.

"Mmm" I said.

"Dreams again?" she sighed.

"Mmm" I mumbled.

"Oh come on honey you know dreams aren't real" She tried to convince me. "Dreams are a messed up version of your memories, so it must be real" I snarled." "Well anyway how do you want your pancakes?"

"Thin and crispy" I said, as I plonked myself on a chair at the table.

After making the pancakes my mom covered them in lemon juice and put them on one of our chipped plates. Ken skipped down the stairs with our hamster in his hand. "Mr. Piggles stop that, Saph isn't fat!" He angrily protested against our ginger little hamster.

"Hey buddy how was your sleep?" Mum asked Ken.

"Uneventful" He sighed.

"Aww Ken" Mum said playing with his soft hair.

"Hey look you have that birthday party at three, so cheer up " she smiled. "Go get ready and we'll go for a walk until then", but what I didn't know was my mom didn't want to waste some time. She wanted to get Ken out of the house. "We're off, be safe Saph", Mum said strolling out the door with Ken.

I finished my pancakes, got dressed and sat down to watch TV. I watched a nature documentary on the eagle, a spy-like creature. The eagle is an amazing bird, and somehow, in someway, it was inspiring. I was about to get a bowl of chips when I noticed this beeping sound, kind of sounding like the noise the microwave makes when you're heating something, only sound this was repeating, like all the time, never stopping..

I crept slowly up the stairs listening to the sound ever so carefully and then I realised it was coming from... MY ROOM!? I opened my door a crack and poked my head inside , my heart was pounding like a drum and my eyes were bulged. . I was terrified that someone or something was in my room. Usually in scary movies when the person hears a sound upstairs and checks the room they walk out decapitated... and when I looked inside, there right in front of me was... NOTHING.

I heard the beeping still though. It was coming from under my bed. I got down on my knees and pushed a few boxes out of the way and found a treasure chest, well that's what it looked like I guess. I brushed off the dust and coughed from the amount of it. The chest was brownish- black with gold gems around it. The beeping was coming from the box. I noticed a keyhole on the front of the box. I looked down at my key necklace and noticed it was the same size as the keyhole on the chest. As I unslipped my necklace I thought about what was going to be in the chest, and what if something in the chest was going to hurt me. I pushed and turned the key and the chest sprung open showing a me a hologram of a smart man in a suit with a piercing smile. I screamed and jumped back.

"Hello, my name is Agent Egnever, "There is something I would like to inform you about Miss Everday, Your mother is a spy. Unfortunetly she was unable to tell you because it was a national secret. You are ready to become a spy, you will start your training as soon as you come down to the *N.L.O.S. HQ". He smiled.

"How am I supposed to get there?" I asked him. "We'll teleport you there", he said straigtening up in his chair.

"Oh, but if my mother comes home and i'm not here she'll flip!" I said wondering.

"She knows your going to the HQ", he reassured me. "That's why she got your brother out of the house". "If you would just press that button on the side of this box, it would teleport you to the N.L.O.S. HQ ", he said.

“I don’t want to” I said, intimidated

“But, why not?” He asked confused

“How am I supposed to know you’re not lying” I said.

“Trust me” He said looking deep into my eyes.

“Ok. But if anything happens to me, your toast” I said trying to sound threatening. Something popped up and scanned me saying 'Recognized, Sapphire Everday, transporting to HQ'. Suddenly it hit me, I don't want to be a spy, I mean i'm not cut out for it.

I jumped up and backed out of my room and ran downstairs to see my mom slopping onto the couch. When she saw me she looked surprised. "Hi honey, Ken's gone to a party. What did you get up to?", she asked looking at me as if she was indicating something.

"Oh, I just watched TV" I said. "Alright, I’m not going to play games, why aren’t you at the HQ?” she asked me.

“I don’t want to be a spy” I said shrugging my shoulders

“If you don’t become a spy they’ll fire me!” She cried

“I thought you retired because of us” I said my eyebrows arched

“I only semi- retired” she said

“If it’s for you then, ok” I frowned. I ran upstairs and strolled into my room .Once I got into my room I knelt on my knees and pressed the button on the side of the box and let it scan me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly, I felt my hair go up into the air and then I felt a surge of energy. When I opened my eyes I saw the most amazing place I had ever seen. A young lady dressed smartly walked up to me and said "Welcome to the N.L.O.S HQ".

Well there you go! I hope you like it, send me a message if you want the second chapter!

Kiss, kiss, Admin. study I love you


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